2012 Launchpad Application Requirements

APPLICATION PERIOD Opens January 2, 2012

As WSMA increases offerings to Launchpad groups, we are proud to announce an expanding opportunity to school music programs. Yamaha will be providing an equipment package to the school music program of the winning Launchpad group. Click here to see the 2011 recipient (coming soon). See the 2010 recipient by Clicking Here.

Bands are required to record three of their songs and submit them with a completed application and $32 entry fee. The application period for this year’s competition closed February 3, 2012. Click here for a paper application or go to to apply online.

All bands that applied to this year’s competition received free web hosting for one year and a Primo MoB membership from ($200 value). 

APPLY NOW!!!  Please contact Mary Elsner for questions regarding the application process.

Rules And Expectations

  • Participation is open to any student-led musical group of two or more members formed outside the school music ensembles.
  • All members of the group must be currently enrolled in a Wisconsin school and/or attend a WSMA member school. 
  • One member of the group must be active in their school music program.  Furthermore, the membership of the group must consist of at least 50% high school students.
  • Original and cover songs are accepted. Please indicate on lyric sheets if songs are original.
  • Lyric sheets, if applicable, for the three song selections must be submitted at the time of registration and are open for review by WSMA.  Applications are not complete until lyrics have been submitted.
  • All elements of the performancemust be executed live on stage.
  • Selections performed at regional competitions may be the same three selections as originally reviewed and approved. Any substitutions must be reveiwed by WSMA.
  • Groups have the option of submitting three new selections for the state competition but must be reviewed (lyric sheets only) by WSMA for approval.
  • Profane language or dress will not be tolerated at any time during Regional and/or State Competitions.
  • Groups are expected to respect all equipment at regional and state competitions.  This includes but is not limited to standing on amps, damaging instruments or misusing the facility.
  • One member of each group is required to identify and provide a written statement regarding a music teacher who has influenced their music development.

General Information

  • Up to 15 groups will be selected to perform at each regional competition.  WSMA will determine regional placement.
  • The competition will be held at an area high school or other performance facility.
  • The regional competitions will be held in March, April and/or May.
  • One “Wild Card” group will be invited to perform at the state competition based on an online voting process. This wild card may be from any registered group whether selected to perform at a regional competition or not. (Click Here for more details)
  • Three groups from each regional competition will be selected to perform at the state competition.
  • The state finals competition will be held June 9, 2012 at Union South on the UW Madison Campus.

Regional Competition Cancellation Policy

Should a regional Launchpad event need to be cancelled due to weather, school-related issues or any other reason, bands will be notified by WSMA immediately.  The regional event will NOT be re-scheduled.  Judges assigned to that regional will review all participating band applications and music demo submissions and will critique the bands based on a rubric that would have been used at the regional competition.  The bands that score in the top three for that region will be chosen to move on to the state finals competition.  All bands will be notified of results as soon as they become available after the originally scheduled date of that regional that was cancelled.  No refunds will be issued.