Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should we make it to the state finals competition, one of our band members had a commitment that won’t allow him/her to compete with us at the finals. Can we get a stand-in member for that person?
Answer: Yes. The stand-in band member must meet the requirements of the competition (currently enrolled in a Wisconsin high school or WSMA-member school). WSMA must be notified of the change as soon as it becomes known to the band.

Question: Is a student eligible if they are enrolled in a home school, charter school or virtual school?
Answer: Yes. As long as the student is enrolled in a Wisconsin high school or WSMA-member school – public, private or alternative – the student is eligible to compete.

Question: If one of our band members is in college or has already graduated from high school, is he/she eligible to play in our band?
Answer: No. A replacement or stand-in must be found. All members must be currently enrolled in a Wisconsin high school. However, if a band member is in middle school but the majority of the band is in high school, the middle school member IS allowed to participate with the band.

Question: Does it cost anything to enter?
Answer: Each band must submit a $32 entry fee with their application. All bands that apply to Launchpad 2012 will receive free web hosting for one year and a Primo MoB membership from Broadjam.com ($200 value). Please contact Mary Elsner with application questions.

Question: Can I choose a region to perform in?
Answer: No. WSMA will choose participants and assign them to the region in closest proximity to their homes. However, requests for venue changes CAN BE made. We will do our best to honor these requests.

Question: How will regional bands be chosen?
Answer: Bands for each regional competition will be chosen by a panel of judges with experience in the music profession. Bands will be judged on various criteria, such as tuning, balance, creativity, stage presence and musical technique.

Question: Can only rock bands enter?
Answer: No. This competition is for bands of all styles and backgrounds – rock, pop, country, reggae…